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Leveraging protected cells for ESG

Ian-Edward Stafrace of Atlas Insurance PCC shares his insights on leveraging protected cells for advancing ESG goals and driving sustainable change In a world in which ESG considerations increasingly dictate business strategy, risk and insurance managers are uniquely positioned to lead the charge. As ESG, sustainability and climate change adaptation ascend corporate agendas, insurance-protected cells…

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Enabling Insurtechs to Become Carriers: The Malta Cell Advantage

Over the last decade, insurtechs have disrupted traditional insurance models with innovative underwriting, distribution, and customer service approaches. Yet, many remain reliant on established insurers to underwrite their policies due to regulatory hurdles, management resources, and capital requirements that make it challenging for insurtechs to become full-fledged carriers. Malta offers an alternative pathway for insurtechs…

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Malta: A Gateway for Captives with Risks in Europe

Ian-Edward Stafrace of Atlas Insurance PCC, a member of FinanceMalta, highlights how Malta is quickly becoming the go-to destination for international companies seeking more efficient EU risk coverage. The Republic of Malta is a full member of the European Union (EU), strategically located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, with English as its business…

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EU cell solution to hard market

Ian-Edward Stafrace, of Atlas PCC, shares how Maltese-domiciled protected cells make owning an onshore captive or carrier more accessible and feasible during this hard market Malta continues to see higher growth in cells compared to standalone captives — by September 2021, insurance-carrying cells grew 18 per cent to 72, outnumbering both captives and non-domestic insurance…

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Insurance cell Sandbox Opportunities in Blockchain Island

Ian-Edward Stafrace, of Atlas PCC, gives insight into how cells can attract innovation. “Protected cell companies can be seen as platforms to experiment, incubate or launch new technology-driven business models.” Malta is enabling cells not only for use in self-insurance captives, but also in directly writing third party risks and consumer business. As a full…

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Atlas Insurance PCC Wins Best European Cell Captive Initiative
Atlas Insurance PCC Wins Best European Cell Captive Initiative

Atlas Insurance PCC’s cell business expertise was acclaimed internationally when it won Best Cell Captive Initiative for the 2016 edition of the European Captive Services Awards. Organised by Captive Review, the European Captive Services Awards reward firms and service providers in the insurance industry which demonstrated the highest levels of excellence over the past 12…

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Atlas supports FERMA European Risk Seminar 2016

Every two years, the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) organises a well-established seminar exclusively for risk managers, located in a different country, each time with the support of the local member association. This attracts hundreds of risk professionals from across Europe. In October 2016, for the first time, Malta is hosting this seminar…

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Setting up a Protected Cell

FinanceMalta Podcast featuring Ian-Edward Stafrace, Atlas’ Chief Risk Officer

Finance Malta
Protected Cell Companies and Protected Cells: A Finance Malta Fact Sheet

Protected Cell Companies Malta is the only EU member state with Protected Cell Company (PCC) legislation, which provides numerous advantages compared to stand-alone insurance companies or captives. A unique element of a PCC is that an insurer can write business through the ownership of a protected cell, using the core’s capital.  

Embracing Change – Regulatory Innovation

Angele Grech, director of the MFSA Authorisation Unit, speaks to Captive Review about Malta’s innovative establishment of a regulatory regime for protected cell companies.