Atlas Group

Building a positive tomorrow, together.

At the heart of what we do is a genuine drive to support our customers to live positively whilst managing their risks. This inspires us to be better everyday.

We try to see the bigger picture, sharing our knowledge and experience whilst providing a cover that measures up to the venture at hand. And when the time comes, we step in to support, swiftly and fairly, keeping in mind that behind every policy is a person with the right intentions chasing a dream.

We take our responsibilities seriously and use our resources to empower a better tomorrow, for all.

Our Principles

We put positivity first.

In every decision we make and every action we take, the potential positive impact on people, the environment, and society is our top priority. We don’t just focus on personal gain or profit, we prioritise the greater good.Our approach is all about creating solutions that benefit everyone, not just in the present but for the future too. We understand that our actions have consequences, and we take responsibility for making sure they’re positive ones.

Join us in our mission to empowering a positive tomorrow, together, one decision at a time, creating positive impact that lasts.

We believe in focusing on what matters most, by taking a step back to see the bigger picture and understand the ‘why’ before we tackle the ‘what’ and ‘how’.

We know that success comes from overcoming the initial hurdles and building momentum, cutting through the noise and staying resolute on the journey towards our goals.

We understand that change is constant, and we’re committed to evolving along with it.

We’re all about discovering and fulfilling our full potential, because we know that’s how we can achieve incredible things. We’re committed to creating an environment that supports growth and empowers everyone to thrive.

We provide access to the resources, education, and training needed to take on new challenges and responsibilities. We believe in unlocking our full potential and empowering others to do the same.

We also understand the importance of covering our customers’ risks, so they can venture forward along their life’s journey with confidence. We’re always here to support them when they need us, so they can focus on achieving their dreams.