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Solid reasons for choosing Atlas

  • The EU PCC experts
    Recognised as leading EU PCC experts, with a rich history of assessing and implementing diverse direct third-party, reinsurance, and captive cells since 2006
  • Insurance Leader
    One of Malta’s premier insurance & financial services organisations with 200+ staff complement
  • UK Branch Licence
    Uniquely write non-life EEA & UK risks directly through the same cell
  • Strong Financial Core
    Writing over 20% of Malta’s General Business portfolio, consistently maintains surplus funds well above regulatory mandates
  • Reputation for Successful Growth
    First direct insurer to convert to a Protected Cell Company in the EU, underscoring our forward-thinking approach
  • Global Collaboration with Independence
    Partnered with global management & advisory companies to host their clients’ cells while we maintain independence

Why set up a cell in Atlas?

  • Direct writing facility into UK & EEA
    No Fronting Required for non-life risks
  • Shared Administration & Resources
  • Reinsure Life & Non-Life Risks
  • No Absolute Minimum Capital Required
    Capital requirement of a cell can be substantially lower than for a separate company
  • No need to set up a separate company
    & relatively faster application & regulatory process
  • Cell assets ‘insulated’
    from liabilities of Core & other Cells
  • No need for Board of Directors
    & relevant costs
  • Access to Reinsurance Market

What kind of businesses should consider using a Maltese Insurance PCC?

To sell insurance

The European market is a natural target for business to be written by a cell licensed in Malta enjoying the freedom to provide services in the countries forming part of the European Economic Area.

Many cells in Atlas sell insurance directly to customers across the EU & UK, including warranty, accidental damage, pet and travel, often as connected sales to the cell owners’ main offering.

Captive risk financing

Managing insurance deductible and/or providing access to the reinsurance market with wider capacity and lower cost per unit of cover versus the primary market.


Organisation have chosen Malta for their reinsurance cells, preferring the substance and reputation of an on-shore EU jurisdiction in the interest of their stakeholders


Non-European insurers can set up cells as fronting facilities in order to reduce their EEA & UK fronting costs.

Run off
Cells can also be created to handle run-off business or for special purpose applications by facilitating access to specialist risk-bearers.

David Mifsud
FCII Chartered Insurer
Chief Underwriting Officer

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Ian-Edward Stafrace
Chartered Insurance Risk Manager
Chief Strategy Officer

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