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An Agile Approach to Captive Ownership

Ian-Edward Stafrace of Atlas Insurance PCC outlines how protected cells can enable agility in risk financing and captive ownership. “Adopting an agile approach to captive ownership allows for iterative learning and gains while lowering each step’s financial commitments and risks.” Captives are traditionally referred to as insurance subsidiaries of non-insurance parents writing risks of the…

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Domicile Hidden Gems

Ian-Edward Stafrace of Atlas Insurance PCC outlines what to consider beyond typical captive and protected cell domicile comparisons. When comparing captive and cell domiciles, the academia, guides and articles often only scratch the surface of relevant features and characteristics. These can help shortlist options when there is a wide choice. However, some crucial aspects are…

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Ian-Edward Stafrace of Atlas Insurance PCC shares how the active non-cellular core of their EU protected cell facility can help rapidly incubate risks, giving more time to assess and set up a cell. Risk managers and insurtech innovators in Europe are increasingly looking to cells to tackle common challenges. In particular, Malta’s cell growth continues…

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