Solid reasons for choosing Atlas

  • The EU PCC experts
    Recognised as leading EU PCC experts, with a rich history of assessing and implementing diverse direct third-party, reinsurance, and captive cells since 2006
  • Insurance Leader
    One of Malta’s premier insurance & financial services organisations with 200+ staff complement
  • UK Branch Licence
    Uniquely write non-life EEA & UK risks directly through the same cell
  • Strong Financial Core
    Writing over 20% of Malta’s General Business portfolio, consistently maintains surplus funds well above regulatory mandates
  • Reputation for Successful Growth
    First direct insurer to convert to a Protected Cell Company in the EU, underscoring our forward-thinking approach
  • Global Collaboration with Independence
    Partnered with global management & advisory companies to host their clients’ cells while we maintain independence

Securely managed insurance solutions

  • The independent PCC – Option to outsource insurance management
    Call us on +356 2343 5255 to find out how Atlas PCC can benefit your business
  • Benefits under Solvency II - Less cost and capital
    Call us on +356 2343 5255 to find out how Atlas PCC can benefit your business

Why choose Malta for your business domicile?

As an EU member, Malta has continued to position itself as an
efficient and competitive base for the European onshore insurance industry
  • • EU Single Passport - Avoid Fronting Costs
  • • EU Member State - Malta continues to position itself as an efficient competitive European onshore base
  • • Accessible & Responsive Regulator
  • • PCC Legislation- Only EU Member state to have it
  • • IFRS Accounting Standard - Facilitating Group Consolidation
  • • 80+ Double Taxation Treaties - as part of an efficient fiscal system
  • • Cost-effective solutions
  • • Highly Qualified & Experienced Local Workforce- ensuring professional management
  • • Very Strong Banking, Legal & Financial Services Sector
  • • Time Zone, Flight Connections & English as Business Language

Atlas Group Journal

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